Discover the Delights of Arroz con Leche – Traditional Mexican Rice Pudding Recipe


Arroz con leche, a popular Mexican dessert, is a creamy and sweet dish made with basic ingredients. Originating from Spain, it has evolved over time and integrated regional flavors and ingredients, becoming a treasured aspect of Mexican cuisine. To prepare, one serving of rice, four glasses of milk, a stick of cinnamon, a half-cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and optional orange or lemon zest are required.

The basic recipe requires rinsing the rice in cold water, combining the rice, milk, and cinnamon stick in a large pot. Simmering for 30 minutes, the mixture thickens and adds sugar and vanilla extract. Optional citrus zest and cinnamon stick can be added.

Variations of arroz con leche include coconut, chocolate, nuts, and fruity twists. Coconut arroz con leche offers a tropical flavor, while chocolate arroz con leche is rich and decadent. Nuts add crunch and flavor, while fruity twists include mangos or sliced strawberries.

Arroz con leche can be prepared in advance, but the texture may thicken when chilled. Garnishes can be added, such as whipped cream, raisins, toasted nuts, or ground cinnamon. The classic arroz con leche recipe is gluten-free, but it is important to double-check the labels of the products used. With this knowledge, you can enjoy the deliciousness of this classic Mexican dessert.


Mexican rice pudding, also known as arroz con leche, is a delectable and soothing delicacy that has been loved for ages. This classic delight in Mexican cuisine is a creamy and sweet dish made with basic ingredients. We shall examine the origins, components, methods of preparation, and variations of arroz con leche in this article. So take a spoon and prepare to savor this traditional Mexican dessert’s deliciousness!
1. Introduction
A popular dessert in Mexico is arroz con leche, which is frequently consumed on special occasions or as a warming treat on chilly days. This thick, creamy rice pudding is flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and occasionally even a dash of citrus. Arroz with Leche is a wonderful delicacy that is enjoyed by people of all ages, whether it is served warm or cooled.
2. Arroz with Leche history
The origins of arroz with leche go back many years. It’s thought to have come from Spain and been introduced to Mexico during the colonial era by the Spanish. It has changed over time and integrated regional flavors and ingredients, becoming a distinctive dessert in Mexican cuisine. Arroz with Leche is now regarded as a treasured aspect of Mexican cuisine.
3. Components
• The following items are required to prepare arroz with leche:
• 1 serving of rice
• 4 glasses of milk
• 1-stick of cinnamon
• a half-cup of sugar
• Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
• Optional: orange or lemon zest
4. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet for making arroz with leche:
• To get rid of any surplus starch, rinse the rice in cold water.
• Combine the rice, milk, and cinnamon stick in a big pot.
• Over medium heat, bring the mixture to a boil while occasionally stirring to keep the rice from sticking to the bottom.
• Simmer for about 30 minutes, or until the rice is cooked and the stew has thickened, on low heat.
• After adding the sugar and vanilla extract, simmer for a further 5 minutes.
• Take out the optional citrus zest and cinnamon stick.
• Warm or cold, with a dash of cinnamon on top, serve the arroz with leche.
5. Arroz with Leche variants
While the basic Arroz con Leche recipe is fantastic on its own, there are a number of variants you may try to give this time-honored dessert a distinctive touch. Here are a few well-liked alternatives:
Coconut Arroz with Leche: For a more tropical flavor, replace some of the milk with coconut milk.
For a decadent and rich chocolate version of arroz con leche, stir in cocoa powder or melted chocolate.
Arroz con Leche with nuts: To add crunch and flavor, stir in chopped nuts like almonds or pecans.
Fruity Arroz con Leche: For a fruity twist, add your favorite fruits, like chopped mangos or sliced strawberries.
6. conclusion
A classic dessert that comforts and delights those who eat it is arroz with leche. It is no surprise that this delicacy has endured the test of time given its creamy texture, spicy spices, and delicate sweetness. Arroz with Leche can satisfy your sweet tooth whether you eat it as a classic dessert or with a contemporary twist.

1.Can I make Arroz con Leche using a different kind of rice?
Although short-grain white rice is typically used, you can experiment with various types, such Arborio or Jasmine. Remember that the texture and cooking time of various types of rice may vary slightly.
2. Can I substitute other sweeteners for sugar?
You can use honey, maple syrup, or any other sugar alternative in place of sugar, yes. To get the sweetness you want, adjust the amount.
3. Can I prepare the arroz con leche in advance?
Absolutely! Making and storing arroz with leche in advance is possible. The texture could thicken even more when chilled, thus you might need to add a little milk when warming.
4. Can I add garnishes to my arroz con leche?
Yes, you can add different garnishes to your arroz con leche, including whipped cream, raisins, toasted nuts, or a sprinkling of ground cinnamon. Be inventive and incorporate your preferred flavors!
5. Does arroz con leche contain no gluten?
There are no gluten-containing components in the classic Arroz con Leche recipe, thus it is gluten-free. To make sure they are gluten-free, you should always double-check the labels of the exact products you use.
Now that you’re well-informed on Arroz con Leche, its origins, methods of preparation, and flavor variants, it’s time to set off on your culinary journey and indulge in this mouthwatering Mexican rice pudding. Good appetite!

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